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Welcome to Mountain Wireless! We are a locally owned and operated Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) providing wireless internet access throughout the northern Adirondacks and the North Country of NY State.

If you have problems getting internet, contact us! We are always expanding our service. We currently cover over 2,000 square miles and we are constantly planning and expanding our reach.

One of the most common questions we receive is "Are you a Satellite company?". The answer to this is "No, we are not. We are a terrestrial based wireless service provider". This means all of our operations are here on earth. We use fiber connectivity to the internet in which we "transform" it into a radio (wireless) signal. This signal is then beamed to our many towers where we then distribute our signal so our subscribers can access the internet.

We use special proprietary hardware and software to enable our subscribers to link up to our Access Points. They are called Customer Premise Equipment or CPE. The CPE is able to connect and translate our signals so you may have an enjoyable and safe connection to the internet. The CPE would then connect to your computer, router, or as most people have today for their homes, a wireless router to enable your laptop, phone, or computer to link up anywhere in your home.

Mountain Wireless also offers services to businesses so please check us out! Our service has enabled several businesses already to finally receive internet connectivity in hard to reach places or even just to provide an alternative backup method to provide internet should your normal carrier go down.

Mountain Wireless is constantly looking at new technologies that will enhance our ability to bring the internet to you and to enjoy everything the internet has to offer!

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